Dynamics 365 Business Central – Add the Notes and Attachments FactBox pane on the Customer Ledger Entries page

This is likely common knowledge in the community however its something I only discovered recently so I thought I’d share in the hope it helps someone else :).

Someone requested for the “Notes and Attachments” FactBox pane to be added to the Customer Ledger Entries page so they could record notes against a customer ledger entry.

As this wasn’t available at first sight I assumed it would require development to add this, however a colleague advised its already there, its just hiding and you can expose it using standard Personalisation 🙂

Therefore to expose this FactBox pane you just use follow the steps in the clip below:

It turns out this is hidden on all sorts of other pages!

For example the General Ledger Entries page and the Vendor Ledger Entries page. Just follow the same steps above to add to those pages.

I absolutely love simple tips like this 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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