Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central – A handy list of equivalent Tables and Windows to help a GP user navigate BC


In this post I’ve created a list of Dynamics GP tables and windows along with their Dynamics 365 Business Central counterparts. I’m hoping this will give any GP user venturing into BC a greater insight into how to navigate around Business Central and also which tables store the data. (I’ve included tables because us GP folk like to have a good nosy and understanding of things under the hood:))

At the moment this only includes General Ledger, Sales and Purchase information however I may add to the list in the future.

Please note the GP Window column lists the name of the window in GP. The BC Page column is the name of equivalent page in BC. Its also how you would search for the page in BC using the “Tell me” magnifying glass in the right hand corner of the Business Central screen.

General Ledger

DescriptionGP TableGP WindowBC TableBC Page
General Ledger CodesGL00100 / GL00105Account MaintenanceG/L Account (15)Chart of Accounts
Unposted GL JournalsGL10000 / GL10001Transaction EntryGen. Journal Line (81)*General Journals
Posted / Open GL JournalsGL20000Journal Entry EnquiryGL Entry (17)General Ledger Entries
History GL JournalsGL30000Journal Entry EnquiryGL Entry (17)General Ledger Entries

* Please note General Journals, and any other journal for that matter, can be used to post a whole manner of GL, Sales and Purchasing Transactions in Business Central.

SOP / Sales Ledger

Description GP TableGP WindowBC TableBC Page
Customer MasterRM00101Customer MaintenanceCustomer (18)Customers
* Unposted RM TransactionRM10301Receivables Transaction EntryGen. Journal Line (81)Sales Journals
Unposted RM Cash ReceiptRM10201Cash Receipts EntryGen. Journal Line (81)Cash Receipt Journal
Posted RM TransRM20101Receivables Transactions Enquiry – DocumentCust. Ledger Entry (21)Customer Ledger Entries
History RM TransRM30101Receivables Transactions Enquiry – DocumentCust. Ledger Entry (21)Customer Ledger Entries
Unposted SOP TransSOP10100 / SOP10200Sales Transaction EntrySales Header (36) /
Sales Line (37)
Sales Orders / Sales Invoices etc
Posted SOP TransactionsSOP30200 / SOP3030Sales Order Processing Document EnquirySales Invoice Header (112) / Sales Invoice Line (113)Posted Sales Invoices / Posted Sales Credit Memos

* These type of invoices/credits can also be entered via “Sales Invoices” in BC using GL Codes rather than items.

POP / Purchase Ledger

DescriptionGP TableGP WindowBC TableBC Page
Vendor MasterPM00200Creditor MaintenanceVendor (23)Vendors
*Unposted PM TransactionsPM10000Payables Transaction EntryGen. Journal Line (81)Purchase Journal
Unposted PaymentPM10300Edit Vendor PaymentGen. Journal Line (81)Payment Journal
Unposted Manual PaymentPM10400Payables Manual Payment EntryGen. Journal Line (81)Payment Journal
Posted PM TransactionsPM20000Payables Transaction Enquiry – Document
Vendor Ledger Entry (25)
Vendor Ledger Entries
Paid History PM TransactionPM30200Payables Transaction Enquiry – DocumentVendor Ledger Entry (25)Vendor Ledger Entries
Work Purchase OrdersPOP10100 / POP10110Purchase Order Processing Document EnquiryPurchase Header (38) / Purchase Line (39)Purchase Orders
History Purchase OrdersPOP30300 / POP30310Purchase Order Processing Document EnquiryPurchase Header Archive (5109) / Purchase Line Archive (5110)**Purchase Order Archives

* These can also be entered via “Purchase Invoices” using GL Codes rather than items.

** Archive Orders must be switched on for completed purchase orders to be archived.

Please note there are no equivalent summary windows in Business Central. Totalling and summary values are maintained by Flowfields in Business Central rather than separate tables. See this post for more details.


This is far from a comprehensive list however I’m hoping it contains enough information for someone moving from GP to BC to get started. There are also many more windows in GP and BC that hold similar information, or different ways of displaying the same information. The ones displayed above are just the ones I’ve chosen.

Thanks for reading!

GP to BC Fundamentals Video- General Posting Groups

As I’ve mentioned several times on my blog I originally come from a Dynamics GP background so making the transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central has been a real learning journey for me, and one that is still ongoing.

Along the way I’ve managed to learn some important concepts which I hope to share in a series of short videos.

The first one focuses on how GP and BC differ when setting up and selecting default GL codes.

Hopefully new GP to BC users will find it useful. (or anyone new to BC for that matter)

Thanks for reading!