Dynamics GP – Error “Install Microsoft Word” when emailing a large number of Customer Statements

A client was experiencing the error “Install Microsoft Word” on the exception report for lots of statements when emailing a high volume of customer statements when running Dynamics GP 2013.

After searching online I found the following thread in the community forum https://community.dynamics.com/gp/f/32/t/137272

This mentioned the exact same issue and a user named Pam Robertson posted to advise of a fix in later versions of Dynamics GP.

I was curious to find this in the Microsoft documentation so I tracked down the fix list for Dynamics GP 2013 and a fix is indeed listed as per below for version 12.00.1920

I’ve since installed this at the client and can confirm it fixed the issue!

Therefore if you are on Dynamics GP 2013 (version 12.00.1920) or earlier and running into this issue applying this service will fix the issue.

A very quick post but I thought it worth putting out there in case anyone else encounters this issue and needs the evidence to show this is fixed in a later version of Dynamics GP.

Thanks for reading.