Dynamics 365 Business Central – Message “Nothing to Handle” creating a Warehouse Pick from a Warehouse Shipment

I’ve seen this error message a few times and although there are likely many reasons for this I wanted to document the most common one I’ve found when troubleshooting it.

My scenario is trying to create a Warehouse Pick directly from a Warehouse Shipment using the options below:

After selecting the option you are presented with the error:

The first assumption is that the error is occurring because there’s no inventory of the item. However on checking the Item Card we can see we have 25 in inventory for this item:

The next thing I checked is to ensure there is adequate Bin Content and at first glance this also seems ok.

However if we look closely we have 25 in Bin Code A4 however this is the Bin Code we have selected to “Ship” from on the Warehouse Shipment.

Therefore when you create the Warehouse Pick the system is looking for Inventory in other Bins that you can “Take” and “Place” into the A4 Bin Code. (its irrelevant that we already have inventory in the A4 Bin code).

As there is no inventory in any other Bin Code you are presented with the “Nothing to Handle” message when you attempt to create the pick.

The fix here is to either move Inventory from the A4 Bin Code to another Bin Code or alternatively change the Bin Code on the “Warehouse Shipment”.

Below I’ve changed the Bin Code on the “Warehouse Shipment” and when I now create the pick this works fine.

If we look at the “Warehouse Pick” you can see the system is now suggesting to “Take” from Bin Code A4 , which has an inventory of 25, and “Place” into Bin Code “A1”. (as “A1” is now the “Ship” bin on the Warehouse Shipment)

In this scenario you can see that in essence the wrong Bin Code had been used on the “Warehouse Shipment”. To prevent this we recommend adding a default “Shipment Bin Code” on the location. As per below I’ve now selected “A1” as the default “Shipment Bin Code”. Therefore, going forwards, this will be the Bin Code that will be used when we create the “Warehouse Shipment” from this location.

As this hadn’t been specified originally the system had chosen “A4” as the Bin Code on the shipment thus creating the problems and confusion.

Thanks for reading!