Dynamics 365 Business Central – Using a Negative Quantity on a Sales Order to Return Items

I ran into a situation recently where a user had shipped some goods from a Sales Order, which had subsequently been returned prior to the Sales Order being Invoiced. This led me to discover an interesting way to return the goods, and then invoice the Sales Order all at the same time.

After some testing I realised they could add a negative line for the same item, and ship and invoice this all at the same time.

The exact situation and steps I took are described below.

Below is a Sales Order that has a quantity of 10 that have been shipped:

Prior to invoicing this the client has returned 2 therefore I’ve reopened the Sales Order and added an additional line item for -2 for the same item.

I can now Ship and Invoice all the lines which will return 2 into my inventory and also only invoice a total of 8.

If I now check my Item Ledger Entries I can see both entries for this item. There’s a negative 10, as we originally shipped 10, and a positive 2 for the items returned.

I tested this with and without different location settings such as “Require Warehouse Receive” and “Require Warehouse Shipment” and it seems to work fine. I didn’t test it with full WMS switched on and I suspect it may hit problems there.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Dynamics 365 Business Central – Using a Negative Quantity on a Sales Order to Return Items

  1. Vaibhav 24th Mar 2020 / 1:47 pm

    I think, i may be wrong, this will create a mismatch when you run standard inventory valuation report.
    I think undo shipment function will best fit in such scenarios.


    • Gavin Whittaker 24th Mar 2020 / 2:14 pm

      Hi, Thanks very much for the feedback. I’m be sure to check this out. Thanks again.


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