Dynamics GP – Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘ORTRXAMT’

When enquiring on a debtor account using the “Receivables Transaction Enquiry” window I was prompted with the error below:

Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘ORTRXAMT’

When I clicked OK I received the following error message:

The stored procedure rmTransactionInquiry returned the following results: DBMS: 515, Microsoft Dynamics GP: 0

After clicking OK no transactions are displayed in the enquiry window? Hoping this was a one off I checked another debtor and received the exact same error?

After pondering for a while, I realized the clue was in the first error message. The column “ORTRXAMT” is mentioned in the error and I know this client doesn’t use multi-currency management. Therefore I assume at some point they have managed to toggle the currency view to “Originating”.

I therefore clicked “View > Currency” to see which currency display option was selected but the option is greyed out:

View > Currency

At this point I tried various key combinations while holding down CTRL and found CRL+U toggles back to the functional currency display and the transactions appeared!

For those interested CTRL+O toggles back to Originating currency and CTRL+R toggles to the Reporting currency.

Thanks for reading

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