Dynamics 365 Business Central – Add Dimensions to more than one entity using the Dimensions-Multiple function


If you are just starting out with dimensions, or have created a new dimension, you may need to assign this to multiple Customer, Vendors, Items or GL Codes very quickly. To do this you can use the “Dimensions – Multiple” function.

An Example

In this example I have a dimension called “Department” that I want to assign as “Mandatory” to all my expense GL codes.

To do this I’ll go to “Chart of Accounts”, select all the GL expense codes, and then click “Related > Account > Dimensions > Dimensions – Multiple”

Then I’ll select that I want “Department” to be mandatory for these GL codes and click OK

Finally, I’ll check a GL code to confirm this has worked as expected:

Perfect, everything has worked as expected!

You can do this to customers, vendors and items via the relevant list page.

Thanks for reading!