Dynamics NAV – Message “Number of source documents posted: 0 out of a total of 1” when posting a Warehouse Receipt

Today I ran into an issue when posting a Warehouse Receipt to a new location I just created. I’m using a new location as I’m testing the processes of Warehouse Receipt and Putaways along with Warehouse Shipments and Picks and I’d rather do this on a new location.

I thought it worth documenting this process as when troubleshooting why the Warehouse Receipt wouldn’t post I found a setup option I could change which gave me a better, more comprehensive error, enabling me to get to the root cause of the issue. This was crucial to understanding why the Warehouse Receipt wouldn’t post.

Starting from the beginning, to create the new location I went to the “Location Setup” window and created the location as per below

Location Setup

I then went ahead and created a Purchase Order so I could work through creating a Purchase Order followed by a Warehouse Receipt and Putaway. I did this by creating a Purchase Order and clicking “Create Whse. Receipt”

Create Whse. Receipt

Success. This created a Warehouse Receipt, and as all the relevant information was populated, I just need to post this to create the Putaway however when trying to post the document I was presented with the message below:

Number of source documents posted: 0 out of a total of 1

Hmmm. The error isn’t giving anything away, and when I doubled checked everything seems fine so why isn’t it posting?

After much pondering and testing I stumbled across the setting below in the “Warehouse Setup”

Warehouse Setup

At the moment its set to “Posting errors are not processed”. I therefore switched this to “Stop and show the first posting error” in the hope it would give me more information when posting.

Warehouse Setup

I then tried to post the Warehouse Receipt again and now I get a much better error message

The error is suggesting I haven’t setup posting accounts against my new location. Doh!

I therefore went back to “Location Setup” and clicked “Inventory Posting Setup” and populated the Inventory posting group and posting accounts as per below

I then went back to my Warehouse Receipt and now all the posting accounts have been added it posts fine.

I’m guessing it would have taken much longer to get to the root cause of the issue if it wasn’t for that setting in “Warehouse Setup” so I’m sure this will come in handy in the future as well.

Thanks for reading!

Dynamics GP – Transaction missing from the Transaction Enquiry / Void window in Bank Management

This is a quick post however I thought it was worthwhile postings as there’s not much information online about the Bank Management module.

A client wanted to void a GL type transaction in Bank Management however it wasn’t listed in the “Transaction Enquiry / Void” window in Dynamics GP.

The solution is to click “Upgrade from Recon” which refreshes the enquiry window with data from the reconciliation tables.

The window and button are highlighted below:

The process can take some time depending on the number of transactions as it will read from both open and historical bank management tables.

Once this had completed the transaction was available to void in the “Transaction Enquiry / Void” window.

I hope this comes in useful for someone else in the future.

Thanks for reading

Dynamics GP – Clicking “Submit” on VAT Return doesn’t open HMRC login window and No Obligations Error

I recently encountered a couple of issues with the new Making Tax Digital functionality in the latest version of Dynamics GP 2016.

The first issue was when clicking “Submit” on the Dynamics GP VAT Return window the HMRC login window wasn’t opening. The HMRC_Log_in window in question is a IE type window as shown below

The second issue was occurring when trying to bring through the Obligations when creating a new VAT Return. At the end of the process the message “No Obligations found for the year 2019” occurred.

**What was very strange is the second issue also opens the HMRC_Log_in window and during this process the window opened fine? The client then entered their credentials into the HRMC_Log_in window and authentication was also successful however it was the final bit of the process that involved bringing through the Obligations that was failing?

As the first issue seemed easier to trace I focused my efforts on resolving this one in the hope it would also resolve the second issue.

When troubleshooting the first thing I checked was to ensure GP had been configured as per Microsoft’s guidelines outlined in this KB https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-gp/financials/uk-tax-mtd and this all checked out fine.

The next thing was to ensure the process worked on my PC with the clients data. I therefore created a test environment on my PC and both processes all worked fine. I therefore suspected it was an environmental issue on the clients system.

Next I logged onto the clients system and performed a Process Monitor trace when clicking “Submit” and found the following issue

I was getting a NAME NOT FOUND for the file GPConnNet.dll in the local GP folder just before calls to the VAT100ElectronicSubmission.dll

I checked the local GP folder and the GPConnNet.dll file didn’t exist. I know this is a shared component so I looked in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Dexerity\v2.0 and found the DLL

Therefore I simply copied the file from the shared folder above to the local GP folder and now clicking “Submit” opens the HMRC_Log_in window and the client can submit the VAT return electronically as per the new HMRC guidelines. I also checked if the Obligations part worked and now this all works fine as well.

Unfortunately I don’t know why GP wasn’t working as the DLL doesn’t exist in my local GP folder either, and mine still works, so I suspect another environmental issue is in play that I didn’t get to the bottom of.

If anyone has any suggestions on this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading