Dynamics GP – Smartlist doesn’t load when selected off the menu


Sometimes when you select “Smartlist” off the menu in Dynamics GP nothing appears to happen? Smartlist doesn’t load but you don’t get any errors. When you look at the Windows toolbar, smartlist appears to be open but you can’t select it. Its all very strange.

We get this scenario quite often on the support desk and although solutions are documented online I wanted one I could quickly refer to so decided to write this blog :).

I also wanted to show a solution I use to resolve this rather than using a SQL script which is also sometimes recommended.

Fixing using keyboard shortcuts

Most of the time when this happens smartlist has actually loaded however its opened off the viewable screen. To fix this, and bring it back on screen, you can use a series of keyboard shortcuts.

The exact steps I follow are:

  1. Click on smartlist on the menu bar (even though this won’t load smartlist you now have focus on it)
  2. Press ALT+SPACE
  3. Press M
  4. Press the right cursor key
  5. Wriggle the mouse to drag the smartlist window back on screen.

For clarity by pressing ALT+SPACE you are using the keyboard shortcut to load the menu on the smartlist window i.e.

Pressing M selects “Move” off the menu.

Pressing the right cursor moves the smartlist window slightly

Moving the mouse controls the window and you can bring it back on screen.


When this happens it can prove to be a pain so hopefully these simple steps will help anyone else struggling with this issue.

Thanks for reading!