Dynamics 365 Business Central – Create Payments quickly and easily in the Vendor Ledger Entries page using the Create Payment function


This post highlights a great way to pay multiple invoices, on multiple suppliers quickly and easily from the Vendor Ledger Entry page.

Creating payments

There are numerous ways to pay vendors quickly and easily in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You can do this manually by going directly to a payment journal and entering the payment as per below

Alternatively you can use the “Suggest Vendor Payments” function from the Payment Journal to have the system build and suggest a list of payments based on criteria you enter. (I’ve covered this in more detail here)

However there’s also another method for creating payments directly from the “Vendor Ledger Entry” page which often goes unnoticed.

Create Payments in Vendor Ledger Entries

The “Create Payment” action you can use directly from the “Vendor Ledger Entries” and is a great tool for creating ad hoc payments.

You first open the “Vendor Ledger Entries” page and add a filter for “Open” items.

** I find the easiest way to do this is to select an invoice that is open and then click drop down on the “Open” column and choose “Filter to this value”

Once you have your list of open documents you can select multiple documents you wish to pay by clicking the ellipse button and selecting “Select more” from the menu:

Once you have selected all the invoices you wish to pay click “Create Payment”

** Please note you can select credit memos as well and the system will create a refund.

Next select the template, batch and other information as per below:

This will open and pre populate the payment journal with the payments which you can review and post.


There are many ways to create payments for your suppliers this is just another way Dynamics 365 Business Central makes this task that little bit easier 🙂

Thanks for reading!