Dynamics 365 Business Central – How to prevent the Template pop up window when creating new Customers or Vendors


Templates can be used to make adding static data quicker and easier however I found that after creating templates I was then forced to use one for any new customers or vendors I added. This post shows one way you can get around this.

The Issue

To highlight the issue when I click “New” in the customer list I’m presented with the template pop up.

The only options I have here are “OK” and “Cancel”. If I click “Cancel” I’m taken back to the Customer List and if I hit “OK” a new customer is created using the template defaults.

So how do I create a new customer without a template?

The Workaround

Firstly, if I check the Sales Setup window I can see the number series CUST is used for new Customers

If I go to the Number Series page and check the Number Series for CUST its currently set to “Default Nos.”.

If I untick “Default Nos.” and go back to the “Customer List” I’m no longer prompted for a Template.

I can still use the Number Series by clicking the ellipse button as highlighted above and selecting the CUST number series. This is shown below:

I can also apply a template by click “Actions > Functions > Apply Template” as per below

I can use the same technique on the Purchasing side by editing the number series used for Vendors.


There may be scenarios where you have templates but don’t necessarily want to use them when first creating the customer. This is one way of avoiding this.

Thanks for reading!

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