Dynamics NAV – The Warehouse Request does not exist when posting an Inventory Pick

I recently came across the following error when trying to post an Inventory Pick in Dynamics NAV 2018

On investigation this is being caused because although the Inventory Pick had been created from the Sales Order, the Sales Order had subsequently been shipped and invoiced directly from the Sales Order screen rather than via the Inventory Pick. (this surprised me as I assumed the system would prevent the Sales Order from being shipped and invoiced from the Sales Order if an unposted Inventory Pick existed for it)

For clarity, as I understand things when a location has the “Require Pick” option ticked in the location setup (important to note “Require Shipment” isn’t ticked) the usual process for shipping and invoicing a Sales Order would be:

  1. Create the Sales Order.
  2. Release the Sales Order.
  3. Create the Inventory Pick in a push or pull fashion from the Sales Order.
  4. Post the shipment from the Inventory Pick.
  5. Post the Invoice from the Sales Order.

It seems that somewhere between point 3 and 4 someone had opened the Sales Order and clicked “Post” and selected “Shipment and Invoice” even though the Inventory Pick was still unposted.

On investigation this removes the internal “Warehouse Request” from the warehouse request table and when you try and post the Inventory Pick you are presented with the error “The Warehouse Request does not exist”.

As far I can see the only option here is to delete the Inventory Pick as it can’t be progressed. (I also assume the goods have been shipped)

I’ve tested this same process on a version of Dynamics 365 Business Central and it seems to prevent the Sales Order being shipped and invoiced if an Inventory Pick exists for it. When you do try you get the message below:

This does make more sense to me, I’m just surprised Dynamics NAV doesn’t prevent it.

As with all issues I did learn something new and also had fun looking at the importance of the internal Warehouse Request with all this. This is something I’m hoping to look at it more depth in future.

Thanks for reading!

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