Dynamics GP – Error Msg “Transaction Analysis information for this transaction is incorrect or missing” on Sales Edit List.

A client reported the error “Transaction Analysis information for this transaction is incorrect or missing” when trying to post a batch of sales invoices.

A screen shot of the error message on the edit list is below:

I connected to the clients system, ran an edit list, and found I also received the same error message.

I know this error is usually related to Multi Dimensional Analysis (MDA) or Analytical Accounting (AA) issues on the transaction, and as this client doesn’t use MDA, I figured it was most likely related to AA.

I therefore checked the AA window in the distributions on the transaction, expecting missing AA codes, however everything seemed fine. I then clicked “Validate” and was presented with the following permission error:

This indicates I don’t have permissions to some of the AA codes on the transaction.

I therefore went to “Tools > Setup > Company > Analytical Accounting > User Access” and granted permissions to all the relevant AA codes for my user. Then, I then ran another edit list of the batch and the error had gone.

Next I updated the clients permissions and they can now post the transaction.

I hope this helps anyone else encountering the same issue.

Thanks for reading!

GP to BC Fundamentals Video- General Posting Groups

As I’ve mentioned several times on my blog I originally come from a Dynamics GP background so making the transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central has been a real learning journey for me, and one that is still ongoing.

Along the way I’ve managed to learn some important concepts which I hope to share in a series of short videos.

The first one focuses on how GP and BC differ when setting up and selecting default GL codes.

Hopefully new GP to BC users will find it useful. (or anyone new to BC for that matter)

Thanks for reading!

Dynamics GP – Error “Item number/location code does not exist in inventory” integrating via eConnect

This one crops up every now and then on support so I thought I’d document on my blog.

The error indicates that the Item in question hasn’t been assigned to the site via the “Cards > Inventory > Item Quantities” window.

To fix this go to “Cards > Inventory > Item Quantities” to open the “Item Quantities Maintenance” window as per below:

Once you are in this window do the following:

1) Select the Item

2) Click “Site ID”

3) Click the lookup glass (leave “Site Lookup” selected with “All”)

This will show the “Sites” window listing all the sites.

Finally select the site in question and click “Save” to assign the Item to the Site.

Please note you can also assign all items to a new (or existing) site via “Cards > Inventory > Site” and click “Assign”

Hope this helps anyone troubleshooting this issue.

Thanks for reading!