Dynamics 365 Business Central – Cancelling or Correcting a Sales Invoice failed due to a Sales Credit Workflow


I ran into a situation when trying to “Correct” or “Cancel” a Sales invoice generated the following error:

“Cancelling the invoice failed because of the following error:

Sales Credit Memo must be approved and released before you can perform this action.”

The error was occurring because I had a workflow configured for Sales Credit Memos however the client only wanted the workflow to trigger for manual credits, not for cancellations or corrections.

Therefore in order to prevent this I had to tweak the workflow condition as I’ll explain further in this post.

The Error

When trying to cancel or correct a posted sales invoice I’m presented with the following error:

I then have to open the credit memo and send it for approval. However in the clients scenario they want to bypass the workflow when creating a credit off the back of an invoice, so the credit note posts automatically.

The Fix

In order to prevent the error I had to figure out a way of bypassing the existing Sales Credit workflow by adding a condition to the workflow.

As part of my investigation I switched off the workflow and posted a correction on a Sales Invoice successfully. I then noticed the “Applies-to Doc. No.” field is automatically populated on the “Sales Cr. Memo Header” table as part of the correction process:

I therefore added the following condition to the workflow:

Now when cancelling or correcting an invoice the Sales Credit Workflow isn’t activated and the credit is created successfully.


Although it seems you overcome this situation by getting creative with the workflow conditions, I’d be interested to know if there are any other workarounds for this scenario.

Thanks for reading!

Dynamics 365 Business Central – How to use the Reconciliation Account feature to view the balances of your GL Codes prior to posting


When posting journals there may be times when it would be helpful to see what affect the journal would have on balances prior to posting the entries.

In this post we’ll walk through how this can be achieved by using the “Reconciliation Account” feature on the GL account page.

Configure the GL Codes

The first thing you need to do is select the option “Reconciliation Account” on the GL code. You can do this by browsing to the “Chart of Accounts” and selecting a GL code and switching the option “Reconciliation Account” on.

In this example I’m switching the option on for 40500 Prepaid Rent and 30100 Rent Expense.

Create the Journal

Now I create a journal which is going to hit these two GL codes however before I jump in and click “Post” I want a sneak peak at what the balances would be if I were to post the journal.

Run the Test Report

In order to see what the balance of the GL codes would be I need to run the “Test Report” using the following selections:

Then, along with any posting errors, there’s an extra section showing the “Balance after Posting” for each GL code as per below:

In the scenario above this feature could have been especially useful, as I may have wanted the balance in my Pre Paid Rent account to be £0.00 after I’d posted this journal. If this was the case, I can now simply close the Test Report, change the amounts to £510.00 and then post. This would have then prevented an extra journal entry or a potential reversal entry.


This is a handy feature that is going to be espeically useful when posting accrual entries or correcting entries at a reporting period end. This is when accountants maybe checking balances and finalising accounts.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central – How to Change the Description on the Vendor Ledger Entry when Posting a Purchase Invoice

When posting a Purchase Invoice the description on the Vendor Ledger Entry defaults to the original unposted Invoice number.

For example when I post the Invoice below:

The Vendor Ledger Entries show the unposted Invoice number in the “Description” column:

If you would like to have a specific description for the Purchase Invoice in the Vendor Ledger Entries page you can personalise the Purchase Invoice page and add the “Posting Description” field.

This is shown below:

Now that we have access to the “Posting Description” on the Purchase Invoice page you can edit this and have a custom description when posting the Invoice.

For example I’ve changed the description below to “Septembers Rent Invoice”

And this is reflected on the Vendor Ledger Entry

I hope you find this useful.

Thanks for reading!